Born 1981, Lincoln, UK.
Lives and works in Southampton, UK.
Member of stair/slide/space artist and curator collective.

Talk: Collaboration: The dark side of the Multitude?
Talk chair with invited speakers  Lizzie Jones (artist), Dianna Djokey (stair/slide/space and John Hansard Gallery), Vickie Frear (Aspex Gallery and independent curator) and Paul Smith (artist Boredom Research). 'a space' arts, Southampton.
Natural Dye Garden/Curtain
Curator of Arches Open Studios legacy project by artists Celeste Ingram and Lizzie Jones. The project is being produced through a series of skill–sharing workshops within the studio community. An 'a space' arts commission, Southampton.
Colourful Walkway 
Lead artist for participative public art project with John Hansard Gallery and Southampton City Council which. As part of this project, Gemma leads on "Weave the City" workshops to instigate conversations about place making and public art in Southampton.
Gods House Tower
Commission, furniture elements, Gods' House Tower, 'a space' arts, Southampton.
Love Kept Us Warm 
Solo exhibition by stair/slide/space, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton.

Associate artist stair/slide/space at John Hansard Gallery, Southampton.

Everyday Objects workshop
Space to Create! workshop at John Hansard Gallery, Southampton.
Pendulum painting workshop 
As part of 'Big Draw Southampton' at John Hansard Gallery in partnership with ‘a space’ arts, Solent Showcase and Southampton City Gallery. 
Rietveld "Easy" Chairs
Legacy project for Arches Open Studios, ’a space' arts, Southampton.

40 cubed 
Group exhibition. Crescent Arts Centre Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland. 
Move to UK.

Daughter, Violet born.

More than one maker 
Group exhibition curated by Janice Hough. Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland. 

Irish Art Does Not Exist 
Group exhibition curated by Shane Harrington. Station Independent Projects, New York, USA.
Scratching the Surface 
Group exhibition curated by Orlaith Treacy. Occupy Space, Limerick, Ireland.

Son, Allston born.
Subterranean Typologies 
Solo exhibition, Belfast Photo Festival at Belfast Print Workshop, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Residency Belfast Print Workshop
Periodical Review #3 
Group exhibition curated by Gavin Murphy, Mark Cullen, Matt Packer and Michele Horrigan. Pallas Projects, Dublin, Ireland.
Group exhibition/weekend event curated by Lee Welch and Teresa Gillespie. Clonlea Studios, Dublin, Ireland. Quiet Variations on a Town 
Group exhibition curated by Caelan Bristow. Birr, Ireland. 
Subterranean Typologies 
Solo exhibition as part of Belfast Photo Festival. BPW, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Artists on Architecture
Group exhibition curated by Oonagh Young. Group show. Birr, Ireland.

Horizon Sprawl 
Group exhibition curated by Stéphanie Bertrand.  Ormston House, Limerick, Ireland.
Exhibition module design for After the Future 
Group exhibition curated by Annie Fletcher. EVA International, Limerick, Ireland.

Move to Ireland

Group exhibition selected by OUTPOST (Norwich). Permanent Gallery, Brighton, UK.


2011 Landscape Architecture Post-graduate Certificate. University of Greenwich, London, UK.
2010 Social Anthropology module: Space and Place. Birkbeck University College London, UK.
2002-5 BA (hons) Wood Metal Ceramics and Plastics 1st Class. University of Brighton, UK.
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