Object Lessons at Quiet Variations on a Town Birr Masonic Lodge.

Object Lessons (2013)
Mixed-media installation with transparencies, light-boxes, chalk (dimensions variable)
Object Lessons is series of geometric exercises. Set on each "table" is a transparency with a grid system, referencing the tables 19th century educator Friedrich Froebel used in his kindergarten approach. Upon this grid surface is a square "sheet", an unfolded origami exercise. Once folded each exercise may construct a platonic sold with an image of its associated element: earth (a cabbage cube), fire (a pumice tetrahedron), water (a watermelon icosahedron), air (an octahedron of bubbles) and the universe (the cosmos dodecahedron). 
Originally commissioned for an exhibition in Birr, Ireland. The universe dodecahedron exercise draws directly on the history of the exhibition venue; the Masonic Lodge, immediately adjacent to the grounds where Lord Rosse built an early telescope and recorded this image of the Whirlpool Galaxy in 1845.

Object Lessons (Earth)

Object Lessons (Water)

Object Lessons (Universe)

Object Lessons (Fire)

Object Lessons (Air)

Object Lessons at Scratching the Surface Occupy Space.

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