Stretcher/Runner (Cube) shown with work by Alan Phelan at Periodical Review #3.

Stretcher/Runner (Cube) (2013)
Printed carpet (2m x 3.5m)
Stretcher/Runner (Cube) is a printed carpet with a CAD drawing of the stretcher or runner bond. The view peers into the void of the open cube form. I was curious about the name of this brickbond: stretcher or runner, both names being verbs  evoke physical activity. This work was conceived of in the spirit of collaboration, originally commissioned to become a platform for activation during (((O))), a programme curated by Lee Welch and Teresa Gillespie.

Stretcher/Runner (Cube) activated in performance At the time, I didn’t see it so clearly by Lee Welch at Periodical Review #3 Pallas Projects.

Stretcher/Runner (Cube) at More than one maker Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Stretcher/Runner (Cube) activated during performance Unrolling the conductor by Lee Welch at (((O))) Clonlea Studios.

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