A Mine, Carrickfergus (Permian)

Subterranean Typologies (2013)
Screen-prints and embossings pinned on dense paper boards (dimensions variable)
With an interest in the psychic experience of being underground, I undertook a period of research to survey various types of these spaces from a scientific rationale. Interested in how the specific geological conditions at each location has defined how people have come to civilise or harness these underground resources. I collected imagery from underground fortified cities in Turkey, guerrilla resistance tunnel systems in Vietnam, salt mines in Northern Ireland, tourist destinations to witness prehistoric paintings by first man, a Dark Matter research station under the North Sea and more. 
Using the geological data from each location, I devising an approach that predefined the position each image was printed onto a sheet of paper. Using a grid system, I referred to geolocation coordinates. The same approach was used to select colour, using the the International Chronostratigraphic Chart that classifies and codes each geological age, thereby provided a colour palette to work with.

Subterranean Typologies at Belfast Print Workshop for Belfast Photo Festival.

A Mine, Naica (Albian, Cenomanian)

A Mine, Boulby (Pliensbachian)

A Cave, Lascaux (Cretaceaous)

A Tunnel, Kaymakli (Early Miocene)

A Mine, Arigna (Pennsylvanian)

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